19th Annual MINDvention

MindVentionX 2023 Trasparente

2023 Virtual Convention

For almost twenty years, MINDvention has taken place once a year, bringing together mentalism pros, students, and fans from around the world. As we did last year, we are conducting MINDvention as a virtual convention called MINDvention X. The X in the title stands for extra, as we hope to resume a live convention at the end of 2023. No matter where in the world you are, you will be able to enjoy the shows, lectures, and events of MINDvention X, whether you watch live or you watch when it’s convenient for you. All content is viewable for one week after it airs live.

Last year's virtual convention received very high marks and we have the same goals for this year's event. Whether you are a full-time mentalist or just beginning your journey, you will learn, your knowledge will grow and you will enjoy meeting other mentalism fans at MINDvention X. Looking forward to seeing you online.