2018 Presenters

Ken Dyne




One of the busiest full-time mentalists in the world today, Ken performs at hundreds of corporate events and on luxury cruise lines around the world each year.

He has quite the reputation for his no b.s. approach to practical, entertaining mentalism.

In this special lecture for us, Ken will share some of his prized routines from his working act, and since a lecture from Ken wouldn't be complete without a rant...you'll just have to join us to see what's grinding his gears this year.

The Evasons

Evasons - Shh

Since 1983 The Evasons have traveled to over 35 countries, performing at private parties, special events, corporate meetings and gala banquets.

The Evasons have been honored with some of the top awards in their field. They are the first recipients of  "The Mentalism Award" from the Milbourne Christopher Foundation. They were awarded the highest honor for distinguished professionalism by the Psychic Entertainers Association. They are the only mentalists ever to receive the "SARMOTI Award" which legendary magicians Siegfried & Roy present to their favorite act in Las Vegas. They have also been nominated for Stage Entertainers of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts in Los Angeles.When you see the Evasons, you’ll understand why on Penn & Teller’s international prime-time TV show Fool Us,  Penn & Teller said: “The kind of mental gymnastics that are done on this are unbelievable. This is one of those rare acts where the more you know about it, the more amazing it is. This act is so good - we’ve never seen better!”

Harrison Greenbaum

Harrison MNM Price is Right 1 (Photo by Mike Maione)_preview

Harrison not only does devastating mentalism, he will also make you laugh out loud as he performs. An incredibly engaging performer who does more than 600 shows a year.  That means he's doesn't just have a ton of experience, but that he's also very, very tired. His lecture will teach you techniques to create your own original material.

“The hardest-working man in comedy” (Time Out NY) and “one of the most unique acts you’ll ever see” (am New York), Harrison is one of Comedy Central’s “Comics to Watch” and winner of the Andy Kaufman Award.  On television, Harrison has been featured on America’s Got Talent, Last Comic Standing, AXS.TV’s Gotham Comedy Live, and National Geographic Channel’s Brain Games.

Timon Krause


Timon Krause is one of the Netherland's leading mentalists. With a background in Philosophy and Theater he has been lecturing on the philosophy of mentalism and performance theory all around the world. Timon will present at MINDVENTION right in the middle of his six-month theatre tour of his show MINDGAMES, which features live musicians.


In his MINDVENTION lecture, Timon will analyse, teach and share material from his current repertoire. The routines featured will run the gamut from close up to stage routines, and will highlight some of the most crucial points of Timon Krause's thoughts on mentalism.

Timon is well known for fooling Penn & Teller in 2016. In the same year, he was awarded the title of "Best European Mentalist" and he is the youngest recipient of the prize in history. He has also repeatedly won the title of "Dutch Champion of Mentalism". This will be his debut lecture in the US.

David Gerard

DavidGerard-headshot SMALL





David Gerard is a mentalist from San Francisco, CA. His modern approach to the art is showcased at his weekly theater show as well as numerous private and corporate engagements nationwide.

His talk at Mindvention 2016 garnered acclaim from hobbyists and pros alike, and we're happy to have him back this year for a rapid-fire lecture full of tips and tricks. For more information, check out gerardmagic.com.

Ian has performed and lectured four times at the Blackpool Magic Convention, six times at 'MAGIC LIVE!' in Las Vegas and three times at the Magic Circle. His Penguin Magic lecture is one of the most successful mentalism lectures ever, with over seventy 5 star ratings.

He wrote 'The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading', and has published over 200 articles on mentalism in The Magic Circular and MAGIC magazines. He has been a consultant on TV shows for Derren Brown, Uri Geller and Ben Earl. As a corporate speaker and trainer his clients include the FBI, the British Olympics team, Google, Coca-Cola and the Crown Estate.

"Ian Rowland has got his own franchise on modern, sophisticated mental magic. Best of all, he's smart, and he treats his audience as if they're smart, too." -- Jim Steinmeyer

"Of all the people I have met in mentalism Ian is in my opinion one of THE finest thinkers. His attention to detail is always staggering." - Marc Paul

“Anyone who has seen Ian perform, knows how charming and smart he is! But what I really enjoy even more, is Ian's lectures and his writing. Ian's creativity inspires me to become a more thoughtful performer.” -- Jeff McBride

"What impresses me most about Ian is his ability to really digest a subject, dissect it into very simple straightforward rules, and then again do the reverse so when he performs, his presentations seem flawless and direct yet logical." -- Banachek

“Ian has a great mind. I use some of his ideas in my show. He shares a lot of great material.” -- Lior Manor

    Ian Rowland

Ian 3

Gil is a man of many talents. He is both an “Award-Winning Entertainer” and an “Award-Winning Speaker.” He is the only platform personality who has been honored with the highest awards from both the worlds of Show Business and the Educational Lecture circuit.


From the world of entertainment the Academy of Variety Artists awarded Gil Eagles the prestigious “Golden Mike Award” as best stage hypnotist. And the International Psychic Entertainers Association, a worldwide organization, awarded Gil the “Dunninger Award” (PEA’s highest award) for his exceptional ESP Shows. Gil has captivated audiences all over the world with his fascinating programs. He has appeared in Las Vegas and Atlantic City Showrooms, Dinner Theaters, and Major Night Clubs. For many years he was recognized as America’s premier Mentalist and the dean of Stage Hypnotists.


Gil Eagles has an unprecedented success record of rave reviews from more than 5,000 professional appearances worldwide. He was a favorite at association conventions and corporate meetings. A few of his clients included: AT&T, AVIS, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Coldwell Banker, Exxon, GE, Gillette, Glaxo Pharmaceuticals, Hallmark Cards, IBM, Lever Brothers, MetLife, Mutual of Omaha, Nabisco, Microsoft, Panasonic, The Washington Capitals Hockey Team, and YPO (Young Presidents' Organization).


Gil Eagles

Gil's Photo 2018 SMALL

Menny Lindenfeld AKA "The Paramentalist" (www.paramentalist.com) is an award-winning, paranormal entertainer, inventor, and consultant. He is known for his innovative and out-of-the-box thinking. And for being a master in metal bending.

Lindenfeld is credited the invention of a large number of original  products such as; The Ox Bender, Occultatum, Blind Man's Wallet, TRU, Hollow, Hollow 2, Self Bending Paperclip, Sealed & Sealed 2.0,  and more.

Back in 2007, Lindenfeld conceptualized and founded "Trixcell" - it was the first company in the world that introduced the concept of mobile magic. In 2009, Lindenfeld’s Trixcell was nominated for the Oscar of mobile entertainment - the Meffys Award - for best and most original mobile content of the year.

Lindenfeld is highly acclaimed for his unique metal bending techniques. And in his lecture, not only will you learn many incredible visual effects, both in magic & mentalism, but he will also teach you how to take your metal bending routines to the next level. He will share his original methods and techniques to make your metal bending look visually stunning and REAL!  And how to make your metal bending routines play stronger and have more visual impact.


"Menny blew my mind." -Uri Geller

"Menny is a genius." -Dynamo

"Menny is a great creator with incredible attention to detail." -David Blaine

"Menny you have new ideas, things I have never seen before." -Max Maven

Menny Lindenfeld

Menny Lindenfeld





Imagine hearing people’s thoughts!

Now you know what it’s like to be Carl. He is a teacher, mentalist, and author of the best-selling book How to Read Minds & Influence People. He plays with language, psychology, and body language to entertain audiences. But more importantly, his dog thinks he is amazing.

Carl will be lecturing on marketing for performers and the use of audio and video cues to increase production value. He will walk you through his performing philosophy, the way he put his act together, and share some of his original effects.   www.carlreadsminds.com



Carl Christman


Rick Maue

Rick Maue SMALL




Who is your performance character? Sadly, too many mentalists and magicians simply don’t understand what a difficult question that is to answer. In fact, most never really give the subject much thought. Far too many use the laziest (and most self-delusional) answer of "I’m just me." Still, others don’t have characters at all…they are merely caricatures.

In his brief introduction to a life-long journey, Rick will touch upon several initial steps that may finally put you on the path to understanding who you are (or wish to be) onstage, and why it is so important to focus on your character long before you step into the spotlight.