2024 MINDvention Presenters

Rick Maue SMALL

Rick Maue

Rick Maue is not a magician. He’s not a mentalist. He’s not an actor, a director, a photographer, a poet, or a writer. And, he doesn’t do magic. He doesn’t do mentalism.

Nor does he do acting, directing, photography, poetry, or writing. However, Rick uses magic. He uses mentalism. He uses acting, directing, photography, poetry, writing, and countless other forms as well. Or, in a word, Rick Maue “creates”. 

Throughout the past five and a half decades, he has created more than two thousand magic and mentalism performance pieces. He has written over four dozen books and manuscripts. He has appeared in front of audiences in forty different states, directed numerous theatrical productions, and worked with magicians, mentalists, performers, and creators from around the world.

In addition, Rick was the recipient of MINDvention’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016,as well the Psychic Entertainers Association’s very first Bob Cassidy Memorial Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Art of Mentalism in 2023; the latter being a very rare occasion, as the PEA was recognizing a non-member with one of their highest honors.

These days, Rick’s main focus is to share his creations, his experience, and his passion with artists who wish to travel the often-ignored backroads of creativity, performance, subtlety, philosophy, and humanity.